Scientific Papers

Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures

It is well known that thermosetting phenolic resins (PR’s) is an
important carbonaceous binder of Oxide-C refractories because of many
good properties such as high fixed carbon rate, good wettability with
oxide and graphite, high green strength and low hazardous environmental

Phase and microstructural evolution of low carbon MgO-C refractories with addition of Fe-catalyzed phenolic resin

MgO-C refractories (MCRs) are widely used as a high duty material
in steelmaking industries, due to their excellent properties such as
……thermal shock resistance

The effect of nano transition metals on microstructure and phase evolution of low carbon MgO-C refractories

In the present study, the effect of Iron Nitrate as catalytic precursor to in situ formation of nano-Fe particles in phenolic resin and microstructural evolution of MgO-C refractories has been investigated…..

Improvement of hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles synthesis by hardtemplating method via CTAB surfactant

In this study, hollow mesoporous silicate nanoparticles using TEOS precursors in the presence of polystyrene template were synthesized. The process was performed in an alcohol-based chemical system and the addition of CTAB surfactant……

بررسی اثر عناصر انتقالی نانو بر تحولات فازی و ریز‌ساختی دیر گداز های کم کربن

در این تحقیق اثر افزودن نیترات آهن به عنوان پیش ماده کاتالیستی جهت تشکیل درجای نانو ذرات Fe در رزین های فنولیک و تأثیر آن بر ریز‌ساختار دیرگدازهای MGO-C بررسی شده است…….

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